Thursday, August 25, 2011


There will be a protest Sunday, Aug. 28th 2 PM in downtown Asheville to support the enforcement of community standards in Asheville NC ... No nudity, or vulgar behavior should be tolerated in public places. The sensibilities of families and those trying to enjoy public amenities should not be subjected to the aberrant exhibitionist ideology of a few extremists.

Come join us at the Vance Memorial in Downtown Asheville this Sunday at 2 PM. to support community standards.

Western Civilization ... Rule of Law ... Judeo-Christian Ethic ... Liberty not License ... Aristotle ... Enlightenment.


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  2. What is it, exactly, about a woman's bare breasts that is not "sane?" The fact that your religion has taught people to feel shame for their bodies is just so sad. I'm not really worried about it if women want to walk around with no clothes on or if people curse. Cursing is just talking, and breasts are just flesh and fat cells.

    Haha, also, what is it about this that you think has to do with Islam? In Islamic countries, women would be executed for going topless. You should probably be happy with Islam for taking your own views but making them even more extreme.

  3. Hyperbole, anyone? Looks like this site has plenty to go around.

  4. Yo Carl, before you start condemning people for being indecent in public, maybe you should reconsider your obscenely short gym shorts I've seen you wear at the Rush on Patton Ave. Just saying...

  5. >>George Peterson<<

    And what about common decency, and respect for others are you having such a hard time understanding? Or allowing that standard to others.

    The Left and Islam both hate Israel, and therefore are working together on many occasions ... as we see Muslims joining the useful idiots in occupy NY.

    >>Mister Smug<<

    Wow! ... And you don't wear shorts? File a complaint with the management. No? Thought so. At least Mumpower's attire is worn in the appropriate place.